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Originally Posted by Tassawur View Post
Another reason of my failure in Islamiat was , my somewhat progressive or somewhat secular way of thinking. For instance , the year i failed there was a question regarding ban on by French Authorities, now where I called this action objectionable , some arguments I also gave in its favor. Later, I came to know that this approach was counter productive. That's why in my next attempt , I went with the religious narrative. That's why besides change of medium and besides change of the preparation strategy, keep this thing in also mind that in this paper we have to go with religious narrative , the popular religious narrative.
As well as those 1000 points Objective notes are concerned , they you can find at Punjab University New Campus STC Photocopy Shop. You obtained good 18 marks in objective portion, strengthen that more, so that this score is ensured again. As you know , in CSS every single score matters and these objective marks may really help us create difference.
Best of Luck .
My approach was neither progressive nor secular. I was really careful about that. Writing and preparation strategy was not flawed either. I think my Urdu writing is bit slower than English writing so, I may have not written enough material to convince the examiner. In English, I usually write 6 to 8 pages per question. Sometimes more but never less than 6. In Urdu, I barely touched 6th page in all the questions.
I can conveniently get these notes from Punjab University since I am studying there at the moment. Thank you for suggestion.
I just want to ask something. I had quoted Arabic Verses in my paper when I attempted it in Urdu in 2017 and 2018. Some seniors or even teachers say that we cannot write Arabic text when we attempt our paper in English. Is it true or is it okay to use them since Arabic is different language and it should not make any difference if we attempt our paper in Urdu or English. I know one can use Urdu translation in Urdu medium and English translation in English medium but what about Original Arabic text? I can write in Original Arabic text and I want to use it in my examination. So, share your valuable opinion.
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