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Default Essay Teacher in Karachi

Aoa everyone,
1. Previously, I had shared my experience of essay teachers in Karachi with you & told you that I will share another experience after sometime. That time has come & the new teacher is Syed Arshad Karim.
2. I met Sir Arshad at his residence in DHA. I told him that I needed help in essay & wanted to get them checked if he could help me in that regard. He told me although he had remained FPSC examiner of Political Science & had been teaching Political Science, Philosophy, Public Ad & Pak Affairs but he could also help me in essay & I would be able to get 80+ marks after getting his guidance. He asked me that he would charge me Rs 40,000 for 8 classes per month & Rs 60,000 for 12 classes per month. However, he agreed to teach me for Rs 35,000 for 8 classes in a month but he convinced me to study all subjects except Precis, EDS & CA from him. Hence, I started with Political Science, his core subject & studied with him for a month. My observations about him are as follows.
3. Being an octogenarian, he is quite old but still healthy & can deliver his lecture properly. His knowledge of Political Science, Philosophy, Public Ad & Pak Affairs is good but too expensive. Moreover, he told me in the start that he had some very good hand-written notes made out of multiple sources of life's research work but when I studied his notes they were poorly written by his students with innumerable grammatical mistakes & too medicre a content. I told him I didn't like his notes & would prefer making my own. Furthermore, in one month, he taught me only 11 western political thinkers & asked me to study the remaining ones by myself as they were too easy to be done by any student himself.
4. I also took couple of essay classes from him just to find out if he could be of any help to me. I discovered that he could only help you in making outlines of topics pertaining to his core subjects as mentioned above but nothing more. He couldn't guide you about essay writing or could also not prove helpful in its checking.
5. Hence, after studying one month from him, i left him as he was too expensive to be learnt from & there was also nothing much that couldn't be learnt from books.
6. Finally, I would like to share my score in English Essay & Precis in my 2018 attempt that I undertook without help of any teacher. In Essay, I scored 56 whereas in Precis, I scored 63. One more thing, I had barely 2 months with job to do all this. Hope you guys will learn your lessons from my experience.

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