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Originally Posted by hocanes View Post
The only i remember
CGPA stands for ?
Number of 'Surs' in Shah Jo Risalo ?
Last 'Sur' In Shah Jo Risalo ?
Asked About my district name, then asked how many tehsils are there in your district ?
Population of Pakistan ?
How many millions in a Billion ?
Describe whats a Billion ?
How many Milimeters in a Centimeter ?
Some Excise related Questions
What is excise duty ?
A lawyer has filed a complaint in sindh high court, for legalising marijuana(Bhang), whats your say on this ?
Should we legalise liquor too ?
Both of above questions were debated from general and islamic point of view
Whats e-government ? do you think its possible to achieve in Pakistan ?
In your role in THE department, how will you improve tax collection ? any strategies ?
Do you have any suggestions with which we can improve Narcotics control ?
Do you think we should give all citizens cards system through which we control tax collection ? How will you help to design it ?

Dear, for which post this interview was given?
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