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Default Suggestions needed regarding optional subjects for CSS AND PMS


I have decided to sit both, CSS and PMS exams in 2019 (though, I'm not sure what the schedule for exams might look like).

I intend to opt for optional subjects that are not only short in terms of their length but also considered good scoring subjects.

Although I have an ACCA background, I have decided to NOT go for such subjects as accounting and business administration given their length and complexity.

For CSS, I thought International Relations, International Law, History of USA, Gender Studies and Sociology satisfy the requirement for being shorter and better scoring subjects than most subjects. In addition, my understanding is that at least the first three of these subjects overlap with one another and with compulsory subjects such as Current Affairs and Pakistan Affairs.

Please correct me if you believe the trends of good scoring may have changed and if any of the aforementioned subjects are no more short in their length due to additions to the syllabus, for instance.

Similarly, I would need suggestions for PMS optional subjects such that they are short in their length and also overlap with as many compulsory subjects as practicable and also with CSS optional subjects that I have mentioned above (or suggested otherwise).
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