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Originally Posted by Imran U turn View Post
Side winter, the thing is that I am a 26 year old person and it would hard for me to compete against an 18 year old in terms of obstacles. Second, when i meant by mechanical test,, these are usually intelligence tests related to physics. I have studied business subjects and am now a specialist. Why are they expecting me to do verbal and non verbal tests when I have already cleared them in my initial test in the recruitment centers of PAF. Some leeway should be given to those people who are more qualified in terms of education so that better people come to defense forces. If we are to compete at the same level as that of the regular teenagers, that is quite sad. I mean what is the use of my MBA if i have to do ratta of dogar book. I am okay with psychological, command, group tasks, interviews
No, you don't have to compete against an 18-year-old. The people you'll be competing against will be of the same age as you.

The tests are not strictly related to physics. These are intelligence tests, that mostly comprise of questions that have more to do with your IQ than your understanding of a specific test.
Oh, and the intelligence (verbal/ non-verbal) test you took in the initial is nothing compared to what you'll be put through in ISSB

And if clearing ISSB was as easy as 'cramming a book', everyone and their cat would be an army officer.

The subject test you took in the initial stage + your AHQ/GHQ interview (after you're recommended by the ISSB) are taken into account when merit lists are combined. So the point of your degree is not lost at all.
If you're more "qualified" in your subject than you will, of course, score better in those, right?

ISSB simply measures if you have the right aptitude for the military. It does not measure your understanding of a specific subject and rightly so.
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