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Default Please evaluate this one:

1. Introduction
a. Concept of free speech and basic human rights
b. Defining limitations on free speech
c. How free speech becomes hate speech

2. Reasons of Limitations on Free Speech
a. Moral and ethical limitations on free speech
b. Curb on extremist ideologies and proliferation of terrorism
c. To discourage derogative speech regarding other religions
d. To avoid sectarian violence through incitement by hate speech
e. To eliminate racial, ethnic and caste divide
f. To counter panic spreading through media
g. To promote national unity and discourage propaganda
h. Checks on post-truth dilemma
i. Respect the sentiments of others and avoid character assassination

3. How to enforce useful limitations ?
a. Proper legislation
b. Proactive approach of PEMRA to regulate electronic media
c. Strong cyber force
d. Role of scholars to discourage hate speech regarding sects and religions

4. Conclusion
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