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Originally Posted by Tayyaba Sarwar View Post
Assalam o alaikum!

I have just applied for CSS 2019 for the sake of exams only; as everyone suggested me to take exams whether or not I am prepared. It's better to fail, availing the chance than without. Anyway, I did and now have just one month to prepare.
Kindly suggest me one book for each of the subjects I have chosen. Here's the list of my optional subjects:

1. Town Planning and Urban Management
2. Islamic History and Culture
3. Political Science
4. Environmental Sciences
5. Sociology

Also direct me to the links or notes for compulsory subjects.
I shall be highly obliged for the favor.

Jazakomallah Khair.

Kind Regards

From your above mentioned optional subjects I have two in common, namely Sociology and Town planning and urban management, so am more equipped to help regarding these two. I shall also be attempting the CSS exam in 2019. I started my preparation in October 2018 and am a full time masters student as well so the "smarter not harder" strategy was my go to.

For sociology, if you have no prior base I shall leave the link to Introduction to sociology pdf notes from Virtual University of Pakistan which cover most of the CSS syllabus topics in a simple format. Since they can be at times a little too simple (and outdated in examples), I suggest you take a look over them once and then try to fit in more contemporary examples from the internet. The topics from the syllabus not covered in this course would mainly be the social problems in Pakistan part. This can be prepared along with your essay preparation since usually the essay paper also has one or two prevalent social issue in the topics as well. Also I shall link a sociology terms dictionary which I found particularly helpful since some terms which we use commonly in our everyday language have different and more in-depth meanings in a sociological perspective.

Moving on to Town planning and Urban Management. Now this subject was mildly deceiving. It has a relatively small course outline but was surprisingly hard to grasp. I couldn't find one good or comprehensive book on the subject so I took the time to google search one by by each topic and subtopic until I thought I had grasped it. I also watched a lot of town planning videos on YouTube since I find it easier to retain information I've heard rather than reading long boring blocks of text. I can't give you any links with this subject sadly, but don't despair! It was a rather fun subject to explore and learn about. So I wish you the best of luck with it and if you need help with any topic I'd be glad to help out.

(note: somehow I can't post links here so I can email them to you if you want.)
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