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Default 2019-critical analysis (for IR, CA and PA)

All those are preparing, or have prepared to appear for 2019 are welcome to discuss and analyze the national and international development and queries across the political and geostrategic landscape for IR, CA and PA.

For instance, to analyze and address the following queries and developments.
  • NWO
  • Pakistan in NOW: opportunities and challenges?
  • Is it not too early to announce obituary of globalization?
  • Transitional threats (ecological disruption, technological disruption, security threats)
  • have the traditional marker of international relation sovereignty, nation-state system, state security, and national interests become obsolete or modified?
  • The demise of the liberal order in myth or reality?
  • Is 21 century belongs to China?
  • Is new COLD WAR in making? how it is different than the cold war of the 20th century?
  • Brexit and Trumpism heralded the new era or just a transitional wave?
and so on ...

(Note: do not inundate this post with unnecessary text only concise, to the point and critical analysis.)
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