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Originally Posted by areeb ahmed View Post
Many of the wars of the twentieth century were about oil,” asserts Dr. Isamil Serageldin, former vice president of the World Bank, “but wars of the twenty-first century will be over water.” This assertion clearly depicts that in near future the wars will be fought over water, both within and beyond borders, which, ultimately, will weaken the cohesion among people and nations. (There is no precedent set in earlier lines to justify using: Similarly)Water crisis is also looming over Pakistan, which has the potential to disrupt (It should be tear) the fabric of unity, disrupt the integration among masses and sow discontent in federating units. The major factors, accelerating the possibility of water crises are: Lack water reservoirs and political tussles over water, which are also, two of the main ingredients of the chaotic situation in the country. Moreover, the mindless consumption (too harsh)/careless consumption, lack of proper distribution and ineffective approach to water conservation are also the factors leading the nation towards water crisis, decreasing the economic growth and accelerating the unemployment rate (There is no direct correlation of economic growth and unemployment), eroding the bond among federating units (Province would be a better fit, federating unit multiple times would seem unnecessarily wordy). It’s a matter of fact that the country is heading towards water crisis, which pose a serious threat to the national unity and integration. However, with adequate and sustainable steps, the water crises can be avoided, which will, ultimately, augment the national.

I hope these suggestions prove helpful.
Thank you very much dear Sir for your detailed feedback and corrections.
Got your points.
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