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Smile MoD Traffic Analyst (BS-16)

MoD Traffic Analyst (BS-16) via NTS

Held on 3/Feb/2019
Duration: 1 Hour
Total 100 MCQs

->English 10 Q's
->Pakistan Studies 10 Q's
->Current Affairs 15 Q's
->Islamiyat 10 Q's
->Analytical 10 Q's
->IQ 10 Q's
->Everyday Science 10 Q's
->Computers 10 Q's

I don't remember all the questions. But I 'll enlist all those I remember.

->5 words synonyms (each 1 mark)
->5 words antonym (each 1 mark)
* Adhere
* Grim
* Naive
* Amalgamate

Pakistan Studies:
* Shah Walli Ullah was born in which mughal emperor era? Aurangzeb
* Faraizi movement was started due to _____?
* Kashmir boundaries lies with ____? Afghanistan,China,India,Pakistan
* At the independence, Pakistan got how many factories? 34
* In 1947, which airline transported Muslim officials from India to Pakistan? British Airline
* After independence, first problem Pakistan faced was ____? establishment of Government & choice of Capital
* In which pact, did the congress agreed separate electorate? Lucknow Pact
* Indus basin treaty; river beas ,river ravi and sutlej for use of water without restriction to India.

Current Affairs:
* Pakistan Ambassador to UN assembly is ____? Maleeha Lodhi
* International Criminal Court of Justice (ICJ) headquarters are located in ____? Hague
* North Korea prime minister is ______? Kim Jong-un
* First lady of the USA is _______? Melania Trump
* Federal minister for information is _________? Fawad Chaudhry
* Defence minister of Pakistan is __________? Pervez Khattak
* In 2017, Trump banned nationals of ____ to travel to US? N.Korea, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen
* Asia-Pacific Group (APG) has expressed dissatisfaction over Pakistan`s progress to comply with international best practices against money laundering and __________? counter-terror financing.

General Knowledge:
* Which planet is nearest to the sun and smallest in size? Mercury
* Which country is largest in size (area)? Russia
* Border line between Pakistan and Afghanistan is _______? Durrand Line
* International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) is celebrated on _____? 3/Dec
* Which pass connects Peshawar with Chitral? Lowari Pass
* Muslim Bagh is located in ________? Balochistan
* Capital of Italy is _______? Rome
* Pakistan gas was discovered in _____? Sui
* Global warming is due to which gas being produced in excess ______? CarbonDioxide
* Highest military award is ______? Nishan-e-Haider
* How many rivers in Balochistan? 7 (Dasht River, Hub River, Zhob River, Hingol River, Mula River, Bolan River, Nari River)
* Pakistan Cricket team first captain was _____? Abdul Hafeez Kardar
* Rivers Sutlej and Chenab meet at _____? Panjnad
* Nation Anthem of India is written in _____? Bengali
* Arctic ocean oil reserves that are undiscovered are expected to be ___% of undiscovered hydrocarbons? 16

* To become a muslim, which Kalma is necessary to recite? Kalima of Shahadah
* What relation was of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) with Hazrat Hamza? Uncle

* ALU stands for _____? Arithmetic Logic Unit
* From which tab do you edit footer in MS Word? Insert
* Ctrl+B in MS Word does? Bold the highlighted text
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