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1. Af-Pak border: Duran Line

2. Defence Minister: Pervez Khattak

3. Pak representative to UN: Maliha Lodhi

4. Hazrat Hamza+Prophet(PBUH) relation with: Uncle

5. To become Muslim recite: Kalima Tyeb

6. Open: Contr+O up

7. Bold: Contr+B

8. Not application software: Server

9. 1Km= 1000m

10. Kashmir border link with: Gilgit+Kp

11. In SCO 17th represented: Shah Mehmood

12. 1st American lady: Melania

13. Fastest planet: Mercury

14. The sun appears red at sunrise and sunset while it appears white at noon, because: Of Scattering of light due to dust particles and air molecules.

15. Indinan Rivers according to Indus River Treaty: Beas+Sutlej+Ravi

16. ICC HQ: Haque

17. CRT+LED are: Monitor

18. Industries that Pak got at time of independence in #: 34

19. Red blood cell dude to: Hemoglobin

20. 1st American lady: Malina

21.1st Pak cricket Captain:Hafiz Kardar

22. Which is differennt: Infinity

23. Only metal among: Iron

24.Command of Tayyyim in battle: Trench

25. KP wants to start election in: FATA

26. Initiative taken by the recimmendation of: SC

27. If your father has son who is either ur bro or sis. Who is he since u have not siblings: Myself

28. Syno: Irregular: Regular

29. Syno: Adhere: Abide by

30. Word coding: 7,4

31. Biggest country area wise: Russia

32. Shah Waliullah born during Mughal reign: Aurangzeb

33. The main aim of Pakistan to be seperated on basis of: Islamic Ideology

34. Atmospheric pressure exerted on the earth is due to the Gravitational pull.

35. Highest Military award: Nishan e Hyder

36. First gas was discovered in: Sui

37.Capital of Italy: Rome

38. Where is Muslim bag: Balouchistan

39. US highest journalist award: The Pulitzer Prizes

40. Pirates activity in which African area: Somalia

41. PM of N.Korea:

42. Global warming happens due to which gas? CO2

43. Who appoints caretaker to conduct election: President

44. Separate electorate in: Khilafat Movement

45. Airline which moved people after independence: PIA.

46. Which is diff: Infinity

47. Coding Ans: 7,4

48. Naive: Inexperience

49. Decompose syno: Deteriorate

50. Duplicate anto: Original

51. Miserly anto: Generous

52. Amalgamate anto: Separate

53. Grim anto: Cheerful

54. Unstable syno: Unbalanced

55. Ethics defines the right behaviour

56. After inception Pak faced the 1st problem: Refugees

57. Information minister: Fawad Choudhry

58. Money Laundering+Counter Terrrorism

59. Iran+Iraq+Somalia+Sudan+Yemen+Libya

60. Tribal Distt

61. From which tab do you edit footer in MS Word? Insert

62. 7,4

63. Codding series

64. In Ethics there is right or: Wrong

65. What is the main component of bones and teeth: Calcium phosphate

66. Law of inheritance revealed in: 3AH

67. Syno: Obligatory: Binding

68. Indian anthem language: Bangali

69. IDPD day observed on: 3rd Dec

70. Artic ocean consist 16-55 percent of reserves etc?

71.Quaid joined ML in which year: 1913

72.When ice rises its density: Increases

73. The Faraizi movement targeted towards the: Elite Class of Society

74. Bird flying elaborates: 3rd law of motion

Friends share other questions which you remember and check mine
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