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Default CSS books for sale on half price My CSS journey ends here .I want to sell my books

My CSS journey ends here .I want to sell my books .They are in good condition .If anyone is interested in buying the following books ,drop me a massage .The buyer will also be given my hand made short notes and comprehensive notes.Prices are half of the market prices .
International law :
1) Public International law(important cases + UN charter ) by Mansoor Book House.
2) IL by Agarwal
3)IL solved mcqs by Rai Muhammad
4) IL by Rahim Bakhash (JWT publication )

International relations :
1) IR by Dr.Sultan
2)IR by Prakash Chander

History of USA:
1) volume 1+2 by Majumdar
2)Modern History of USA by Sohail Bhatti

Psychology :
1 ) Volume 1 +2 by Sehar Bano
2) Psychology by JWT
3)To the Point (Volume 1+2) Psychology by Hayat Shah Afridi
4) Exploring Psychology by Dr.Asim

Physics :
1) Fundamentals of physics (7th edition and 11th edition ,both available ) by Haliday and Rensick

Town plaining and Urban management :
1) Town plaining and Urban management by Sohail Bhatti
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