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Originally Posted by Innocent Hafeez View Post
Ok thanks. I have written a short paragraph on illiteracy. Kindly, check it.

Evil of illiteracy

The state of education in Pakistan is in shambles(don't use this type of words in formal English. You can write words such as 'condemnable', 'deplorable','alarming'). Though the authorities have taken several steps now and then to raise the standards of the sector, they have yet to yield valuable results.(This entire sentence is not conveying true sense that you are trying to unveil...You can write although government has taken certain steps to improve the education status, could not produce productive result) This is a matter of serious concern for(because is right connector ) education is inevitably linked to other domains of life. Improved quality of education brings positive results in the field of politics and economy. This is why those countries which have higher literacy rate are among the advanced and developed nations.
Hence, this calls for immediate attention to the matter because the country cannot move ahead unless concrete steps are taken to uproot the evil of illiteracy.
You need more writing practice. I have highlighted some errors.
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