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Originally Posted by Ainy Ayesha View Post
Preparation of interview to written qualified candidates after declaration of result of written exam of CSS-2018 at ICEP Academy Lahore by the FPSC member and interview panelist Habib ullah Khattak is sheer conflict of interest..Interview marks have majorly decided final allocation of written qualified candidates this can a interview panelist has interaction with the same candidates who are going to appear in interview before him?..Which law supports this?..Interview marks remained decider of fate of candidates whereas many missed allocations..CSS was the only trusted prestigious exam in Pakistan for which candidates prepared themselves to get honourable positions to serve Pakistan..But flaws in this system has not only wasted so many years of candidates in preparation by making them fool but also has put future of Pakistan on stake as the favourite pre- selected candidates will be decision makers for next 30-40 years..

Thank you for highlighting this very important issue. Conflict of interest in this country is not yet a ‘thing’ unfortunately.

Today I saw the interview (by an academy in Lahore) of the person who topped the interview of CSS 2018. I must say it was underwhelming. The person has less than 635 marks in written but was able to get allocation into PAS by scoring 240 in interview. One would expect such a person to be an exceptional interviewee, however, that was not the case. The whole case seemed like a work of the issue that you have highlighted in your post.
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