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Originally Posted by aishalam View Post
Voilence is the last refuge of the Incompetent

1. Introduction
2. Psychological underpinnings of voilence being the last resort of an incompetent individual:
a. The Dunning–Kruger effect
b. The fight or flight response
c. McClealland's Need theory/The Three Needs Theory-a Need for power and control
d. Satisfaction vs. Reprecussions-cost/benefit
e. The "warrior" gene- Behavioural tendencies and Personality
3. Philosophical link between incompetennce and voilence:
a.Thomas Hobbes and the State of Nature
b. Machiavelli and The Prince
c. David Hume and the basis of Human Nature
d. The Peter Principle and inevitable human incompetence
e. Does the end justify the means?
4. Political/Power viewpoint:
a.The powerful seek to hold on to their power. To cover up their incompetence, they will resort to voilence especially if it is a Dictorial or an Illegitimate group
i-Stalin and the Great Purges of Russia
ii- Al-Burhan and the Sudanese Protests*
iii-American Mafias and The Castellammarese War
iv-Indian authorities and voilence in Kashmir
v-Robert Mugabe and the Gukurahundi genocide
b. Revoltions have failed in the past because instead of negotiating and engaging in dialogue, unnecessary voilence was the chosen route.
i- The churi chura incidence and the fate of the Khalifat movement
ii- The Christian massacres and the failed Boxer Revolution
5. The way forward:
a. Nurturing curious and critical-thinking individuals through education reforms and outreach
b. Opening up channels for dialogue and debates at personal, national and international levels
c. Promoting globalisation and a global interconnectedness
d. Reducing tolernace for Voilence and Abuse by legislating and enforcing laws against offenders
e. Inculcating virtues like Tolerance and Self-Assessment to reduce liklihood of voilence becoming a preferred response
f. Providing platforms and opportunities for all individuals to learn and grow without judgement in order to overcome precieved or actual incompetence
6. Conclusion
Someone really went at it 😍

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