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Too many of us are not living their dreams because we are living our fears.

1. Introduction
2. Forms of fear:

a. Fear of failure
b. Fear of people's opinion
c. Fear of loosing opportunity
d. Fear of loosing closed ones
e. Fear of taking risk
f. Fear of being unable to achieve
g. Fear of having no abilities
h. Fear of having no talent

3. How these fears make oneself incapable of achieving dreams:
a. Stops a person from taking step toward dream
b. Halts one's progress toward dream
c. Person begins to question one's abilities, in result, remain away from achieving dream
d. Produces lack of confidence, thus, driving away from dream
e. Person loses motivation, therefore, could not go further toward dream
f. Sows a negative attitude in personality which hinders one's way toward dream
g. Creates inferiority complex, thus, could not overcome obstacles
h. Feeling of being mocked by others, therefore, person quits

4. Conclusion
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