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Default Cream lost in this quagmire

We have lost our brilliant minds in the dirty ocean of corrupt police department. Lot of competent candidates who were striving hard to attempt CSS and Combined Competitive exam had to join ASI post because of career uncertainty and in some cases to earn livelihood for their families. I know lot of genius guys who could qualify CSS and other gazetted post exams with flying colors if they had reasonable time. There were the candidates who were fully prepared but they could not attempt CSS in the reasonable time due to their trainings etc. By the passage of time this department snatched their skills and knowledge, they are now mourning on their destiny. They have lost their stamina and time has turned in their sorrowful situation. Few of these candidates have succeeded to qualify CSS and PCS but majority of them have failed to pass these exams because their duties have rusted their knowledge.

Some former ASIs who switched from this department: Syed Mukhtiyar Shah qualified CSS-2008 and luckily joined police group. Mr. Asif Memon joined NAB in BPS-16, Mr. Shaikh Joined ISI at AD position in 2004. Mr. Aftab Mahesar jioned Mehran University as a Lecturer, Mr. Memon joined WAPDA as AD, and some of the ASIs qualified SPSC Combined competitive and got selected as SOs and ADs. Some are still trying their best to switch from this department.

No doubt most of them were competent enough to excel for better future. But after the lapse of 7 years they are still ASIs save some exceptions (Who got promotion on some extra ordinary grounds). They are underpaid officers hardly getting Rs.8,300 per month. They can't afford their families based on this salary even one can't meet ones own pocket expenses with Rs. 8,300 specially on ASI rank where one has to offer at least tea to his colleagues, friends, and relatives.

Due to these financial hardships our brilliant minds have indulged in unfair means but still they can't afford their families to grow. Their selection has made no value addition to our system due to numerous counter factors rather they have become part of this corrupt institution.

What they have gained from ASI position:

Police Wardi with badges

What they have lost by joining ASI position:

Their rest
Their career
Their morals /their ethics / their eman

There are some ASIs who are satisfied with this job: Most of them are just Intermediate certificate holders. Keeping in view their qualification they are on better position.
But majority of this batch is highly demotivated, when ever we interact with them they make us feel that they are on disadvantageous position and term it their wrong decision to join police.

We feel their pain. We hope our institutions will pay heed to their genuine cries. They deserve handsome salary and proper promotion to remain motivated servants of this nation. We canít excavate corruption from our system based on this brutal treatment.
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