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Is Democracy panacea for all political and economic evils?

1. Introduction
2. Present status of democracy in Pakistan: Flourishing
3. Democracy panacea for political evils:

i. Promotes political cohesion
ii. Promotes meritocracy in political parties
iii. Vests authority to institutions: Alleviate institutional imbalance
iv. Decentralizes power to people
v. Gives voice to people: Curb personalisation of politics
vi. Prevents floor crossing
vii. Supports transparent election: Declare basic right of people

4.Democracy panacea for economic evils:
i. Curbs corruption
ii. Prevents tax evasion
iii. Promotes documentation of assets
iv. Alleviates money laundering: Across the board accountability: Closing loopholes
v. Raises Foreign investment: Law and order: Reinstate confidence among foreign investors

5. Conclusion

Note: i seem to run out of ideas about "economic evils" part. Its bcz i was in kinda dilemma about issues like reducing FDI, twin deficts, debts, etc.
i think democracy can not bring FDI, reduce deficits and debts. Thus, didnt add.
Review the outline. Share thoughts on above question.
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