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There are two ways to this. The first way (not preferable when you have time, but is more fruitful) is to swiftly complete the length of the syllabus for all the subjects (barring the practice-centric ones). Once you have a sound idea of the topics involved and have studied them; you'll be seeing connections between different topics. Now that you have an idea of the "what" of CSS subjects(6 months down the road), you can switch to pleasure readings. If God be willing, your mind will cherry pick relevant material from the pleasure readings subconsciously, if not directly. But a risk is that once you've put in your six months, you might get overconfident and cocky that since you've 'completed' the syllabus so studying it again in depth (which you didn't do the first time) might bore you.
The second option is to take everything side by side. Do bed time pressure readings (jk) and study for CSS as per syllabus. Oh and. CSS is the ability to form split-second opinions. It's not solely about putting in your hours with recommended readings. So. Practice your opining muscles on past papers, use recommended readings as means, not the ends.

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