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Default Please seniors check out my essay outline

Topic : Terrorism

(a). Terrorism is an action or threat designed to influence th government ot intimate the public.Its purpose is to advance a political ,religious or idiological cause.
(b). Endangers a person's life other then that of the person comming action.
(c). It is important to remember that not all extremist groups, whether Islamist, for-right or ther, will commit terrorist or violent acts.However some groups pose particular threat both online and offline.
"I've never met anyone who wanted to be terrorist. They are desperate people". -john Perkins-
2. Causes of Terrorism
(i). Political oppression drives people towards terrorism
(a). They need these entities for political purposes for utilising thier vote bank
(b). For deploying them as Proxies.
(ii). Crass descrimination against Muslims
(iii). Muslims refugees and migrants are turned away from western borders.
(iv). Defamation of islam and other manifestaion of Islamophobia.
(v). White supremacist neo-nazi and fascist groups in Europe.
(vi). Injustice in Kashmir and Palestine leads to terrorism.
(vii). India's RSS(Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) also encouraging terrorism to a great extent

(viii). Climate shocks and stresses are pushing many into extreme poverty.Joining an armed group is sometimes the only option available.
(a). Boko Haram in North Africa
(ix). Gender descrimination leads to terrorism.
3. Impact of Terrorism
(i). There has been created a gap between masses and military
(ii). Women politicians were harassed and murdered.
(iii). Lowering foreign direct investment,capital formation,investment risk perception.
(iv). Terrorists attacks at private citizens, property transport are related to lower capital formation and low GDP.
(v). Domestic ,Regional and International Impact of war in Pakistan.
(vi). Pakistan lost thousands of military and citizens people.
(vii). Due to low economic growth foreign borrowing have increased while pakistani exports have decreased.
(viii). Military Operations against the terrorists displaced millions of people.
(xi). Unemployement, Poverty and Corruption have increased to a great extent.
(4). Measures to Prevent And Combat Terrorism
(i). Ensure Advance Passenger Information (API) and PNR (Passenger Name Record).
(ii). Capacity building project on countering financing of terrrism through effective national and regional action.
(iii). Strengthening national capacity to investigate and prosecute foreign terrorist fighters.
(vi). The use of special investigate techniques and forensic tools to prevent and counter terrorism .
(vii). Building capacity to address linkages between terrorism and transnational organised crime.
(viii). Mainstreaming to militant organizations .
(xi). Elaborating international standards and tools to protect crowded spaces and soft targets from terrorists attack.
(5). Conclusion
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