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Originally Posted by Obaidd View Post
If you are preparing for 2020 then I am sure by now you must have invested a lot of time in these subjects. Still I would like to say something about this combination.

CS is a subject that must be opted if one has a strong educational background in it. Since you have opted this subject I guess you do.

Punjabi is an evergreen subject. Always scoring. So no issues there.

P Ad, I Law and IndoPak are subjects which I think are likely to be targeted in CSS 2019 based on what I have read on the forum. Now I am not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing for someone who is appearing in 2020.

Having said this, I think one’s interest and educational background should be the primary factors affecting one’s decision to opt any particular subject. Availability of relevant material and ‘scoring trend’ though can not be ignored.
Thanks for your reply and suggestions!

I have bachelor degree in computer science, and i can prepare better than any other subject ie IR
Second, I have opted Indo-Pak because i have little bit knowledge and this subject overlap with Pakistan Affairs, instead of choosing subject, in which one don't have knowledge and can be targeted, like US history, so i preferred Indo-Pak.
Third, Public Ad. opted because it will be good combination in PMS, Punjabi due to scoring and i can write urdu, so it will be easy to write in bunjabi also.

I Law, i don't know much, but i think i have interest, I have find enough material for this subject, I hope that if someone have enough knowledge and examples, he can beat low scoring trend.

P. S: I have completed study of GSA and Islamic Studies, with Precise paper, Current Affairs and Essay aside, will be completing Indo-Pak and Pakistan Affairs with CS 50 marks paper in September.
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