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Globalization is eliminating the third world culture
1. Global media is undermining the art/heritage culture of third world
• Global news like CNN and BBC on western rhetoric
• Pop culture from Hollywood and local music/film industry
2. Globalization is affecting is affecting the community cultural
• MNCs are promoting class segregation
• Western concept of individualism and society
3. Globalization is hampering the political culture of third world
• Promotion of western-styled democracy
• Imposition of western political system
4. Globalization is eliminating the economic culture of developing world
• IFIs and conditionalities e.g. IMF and Greek issue
• Disregard of indigenous needs and demands e.g. austerity measures
5. Globalization is changing the culture of life-style from third world
• Consumerism is affecting the moderate culture
• Urbanization in third world and intra-state migration e.g. capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is expanding every year.
6. Globalization is detrimental to moral culture of developing countries
• Pornography and morality
7. Globalization is disturbing the family culture of the third world
• Unrestrained wave of feminism insensitive to cultural values e.g. Orat march in Pakistan
8. Globalization is disparaging the legal culture of developing world
• Moratorium on death penalties
• International law is domination of western legal order
9. Globalization is removing the linguistic culture of third world.
• English as official language of Pakistan and India.
• UN and other IOs have English and French as languages for correspondence
10. Globalization is destroying the cultural product and industry of third world
• Foreign products replacing culture of sewing and handmade pottery.
• Traditional products are being replaced by imported cheap products
11. Globalization is affecting the culinary culture of developing countries
• Popular food chains are replacing local foods
• Gorge Ritzer’s thesis: McDonaldization of Society
12. Globalization is putting a heavy toll on agricultural culture of third world
• Farmers are not able to compete with imported products
• Wage-earning society and aversion towards agriculture
13. Globalization is distressing the business culture of third world
• Mexico’s tuna fish and American sanctions just to impose American culture
14. Globalization is eliminating the religious culture of third world
• Secularism and agnosticism vs Islam and Islamic states
15. Globalization is impacting educational culture of third world
• Inclination towards science subjects
• Aversion to social and cultural subjects e.g. history etc
16. Globalization is damaging the environmental culture of developing world
• Dumping of waste products e.g. Spanish company dumped in Ivory Coast etc.
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