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Originally Posted by The dream of rain View Post
Brother, first Introduction and conclusion heading is missing. Kindly take a time to arrange essay, outline should have proper structure.

Second, your sequence is disorganized. thoughts should be logically arrange as FPSC demands. At one time, your outline talk about social aspect followed by economic side and suddenly jumping back to social, political followed by economics at other. look at 3,4 and 7,8,9... then again 10, 11,12...
third, headings still are ambiguous they do not covey direct point u want to make. Need to work on it.

fourth, "Globalization is changing the culture of life-style from third world" Isn't culture itself a "life-style?" Kindly 'educate me' about this?

fifth, avoid "or,/" in your outline statements.

finally, it seems your concept is still a bit unclear and you are in hurry while making it.
Take your time, understand it, think over it, think How-part more clear. And, for your ease, you can divide outline in 'social, political, economic and so on aspects. It will help you arranging thoughts.
Hope it helps!

thanks a lot for invaluable comments. yes, it is very well spotted regarding arrangement of essay. however, regarding intro and conclusion, I just mentioned the "main arguments". moreover, regarding the concept of essay as u have mentioned that concept is "unclear" would u please elaborate, what is missing ? or what should be added or anything needs to be removed? thanks a lot for ur help bro
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