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Default My CSS Interview 2008

An overview of my CSS Interview...Please Comment on that....!!!!

Me; May i come in Sir?

Gen; Yes! come in


All Members; W/S

Gen; so, mr *** how are you?

Me; fine sir

Gen; ok , we should start with your introduction, so please introduce your self..!!

Me; i told my name,fathers name and designation (bureaucrat), early education, studying at cadet college Hasan Abdal, why I opted for CA and then BBA(Hons) and then hobbies and sports destictions and certificates etc

Gen; Very Impressive, well what should i ask you?

me; whatever you thin suitable for me to be asked.

Gen; ok tell me presently what are the major crsis world is facing now a days

Me; Kashmir issue, Palestine issue, food shortage, global warming, economic crisis

Gen; Tell me briefly about the world economic crisis and its implications on pakistni economy.

Me; well....sir three four years back when US economy was at its peak, investors from all over the world started pouring in monies into US economy, they thought their funds will be ultra safe in US economy. As a result of this such a huge funds input there was a surplus of liquidity with the US liquidity is called the blood of the banks so the bankssatrted giving away more and more loans to the general public without suffiecient security.

As a result a lot ofpeople started investing in real estate sector with the funds borrowed from the banks...when pricesof real estate reached their all time high the properties started remaining unsold and the borrowers were unable to pay back the money, they defaulted andthis cntinued. as a result banks started down sizing and a lot of employees were fired which affected the energy (fuel) sector, automobiles sectors, tourism sectors, food chains as people had now low savings to enjoy extra benefits.

Gen; You mean all happened due to credit crunch and because of the people who defaulted to pay back bnk funds?

Me: yes Sir

Gen; ok please continue

Me; sir when other sectors affected due to the down sizing of the staff from the banks the affected sectors started down sizing as well and this thing continued like a chain reaction from sectors to sectors. As i have already mentioned that a lot of investors all over the world had invested in US economy, as a result those investors and their respective economies also felt the jolts of US economic crisis, which turned from US economic crisis to global economic crisis.

Gen; ok, what its implications on pakistani economy?

Me: well, sir there wereno major implications of global economic crisis on pakistani economy except on the Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE). As JP Morgin and Maralynge two of the major US investment companies had invested huge funds in KSE, when the credit crunch started in US they puuled off ther monies frm KSE as a result KSE-100 index dropped from 15,500 points to 9000. This was the only major blow which pakistani received due to global economic crisis.

Gen; Do'nt you think pakistan's exports affected due to global economic crisis?

Me; sir, our exports are being ffected due to higher per unit cost and low quality and hence these products areunable to compete the quality products available from Bangladesh , India and China in the region. Above mentioned three countries are providing free electricity to their textile sector in particular and other industrila sectors in general, moreover they have low per unit cost due ther skilled labour. so how pakistani products can compete those products in the international market? Our exports are affecting and will continue suffering untill and unless these issues are not addressed, so Global economic crisis is nothing to do with this mainly.

Gen: says Hmmmm and hands me over to Bukhari sb

Bukhari sb: Well Mr *** i am surprised and happy at the same time to look at your fvourite personality which is Hanif Muhammad, is this hanif Mohd thecricketer?

Me; Yes sir

Bukhari sb: smiles and looks at the Gen sb and says...well Mr *** we call hanif mohd as The Hanif Mohd...why is he your favurite personality as he played when u have not even borned?

Me; well sir THIS IS his greatness that I am a boy of 25 years of a age, who has not seen him playing. Just read about him and just heard about him is inspired by his stature...and the innings he played against West Indies in 1958 in which he scored 337 at Bridgetown is still a record by any player to score such a high score away from his homw land.

Bukhari sb; Do you know in the same innings he made another world record of that time?

Me; Yes sir, he stayed at the wicket for 970 minutes and that was the longest innings in terms of time at that time.

Bukhari sb You have a subject Merccentile Law in your optinal subjects, this is such a technical subject, why did you opt for this in the exam?

Me; well, sir i have read it thoroughly in my CA studies

Bukhari sb; ok, what is in it?

Me sir it contains lws regarding Contarct act,partnership, negotiable instruments,insurance and sale of goods etc.

Bukhari sb: Have you ever heard about Intellectual Property? Is it covered in Mercentile Law?

Me" I have not heard about this term and this is not part of mercentile law.

Bukhari sb' "looking at my sports distictions" do you still practice 'Long Jump' (Athletics)

Me; 'smiling' no sir

Bukhari sb; and what about basket ball,riding and swimming?

Me; yes i still do these activities regularly.

Gen Sb; Mr *** I have heard that CA's earn around 100,000 to 200,000 a month then why are you coming to bureaucracy where you will earn only 20,000 a month?

Me; sir, i have read a book with the name of " Road to Success" by faiz h sial. In that book ke writes that a man should opt for a profession in which he can have mental satisfaction. earning money is not the only thing which could bring you mental peace and satisfaction. Yes money is something but money is not everything..!!!!

Gen; smiles and says ok...introduces me to Rizvi sb

Rizvi sb; tell us what can bethe solution of our energy crsis?

Me; sir there two plan of actions which should be undertaken paralely..."short term" and a "long term"... as we are producing 70% of our current elecricity through thermal sources so we cannot staright away switch to hydal energy production so a "Short Term" arrangement we should look towards friendly countries like saudi Arabia, Oman,Kuwait, Behrain, UAE etc for the valability of oil on deffered payments,cheap or some on gratns (free) basis and as a long term plan we should look to develop national consesus on the building of major dams so that gradually we could shift towards hydal power generation as that source of enegr is much cheaper than that of thermal.

Rizvi sb: You have put a suggestion in your psychology test that " The group allocationshoulbe on the basis of psychology and interview performanece and written test should only be taken as a qualifying exam and it should nothing to do with the merit allocation" why?

Me; Sir, Civil service is a very challenging job and onecan get good marks but this cannot guarentee that he will prove to be a good officer in the PSP. sp it should be upto the experienced people like in the psychology test and in the interview pannel to decide what candidate has what management abilities in terms of civil service.

Rizvi sb: Dont you think that it ill enhanve the chances of corruption in the CSS procedure?

Me; sir I am talking about the ideal circumstances, and still the interview pannel has 300 marks at their disposal, if the interview pannel indulge in any kind of corruption they can still affect the final result upto large extent.

Rizvi sb: ok..You have written in your psychological test that " My parents deny me my undue demands" what are these undue demands of yours?

Me; Nothing special sir, these demands mean day to day demands of a child towards his parents...for example if i am demanding a perfume of 5000 rupees and my parents deny that...later i realize that yes! it was an undue demand and my parents did right to deny me of that.

Rizvi Sb; ok, thank you..all the members look at each other

Gen sb: ok Mr *** thank you

i stand and move back by saying thank you..mean while Bukhari sb says " By the way I am also a great fan of Hanif Muhammad, do you he had another record at his disposal as well"?

Me: 'standing between the exit door and the chair" yes sir he scored 499 in a first class match in bahawalpur..!!!!

Bukhari sb: smiles and says YES...ok thank you

Me; thank you sir...AOA

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