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Originally Posted by JANDAN View Post
Hello everyone this post is created only for begginers to practice precis. I will try to post paragraph everyday in morning and with combine efforts we will solve it. It is my humble request to please evaluate our precis and positive criticism woul be highly indebted.

Note: Firstly we go from easy than to tough ones initially i am posting paragraphs from WREN AND MARTIN


There are hundred of supersititions which survive in various parts of the country, and the stury of them is rather amusing. We are told, for example, that it is unlucky to point to the new moon or to look at it through glass, but if we bow nine times to it we shall have a lucky month.
Now suppose you tell a scientist that you tell a scientist that you believe a certain supersitition --- let us say, that the howling of dog is a sign of death. The scientist will immediately require evidence before he can accept your belief. He will want figures to prove it. It will be useless to quote two or three cases; he will want hundreds. He will want also to know (a) if it ever happens that the howling of dogs is not followeds by a death (b) if ever person's death is predicted by howling of dogs.The answer to the former question is in affirmative, and to the latter in the negative. Your supersitition will not bear investigation. It may impress an ignorant person ;but it cant face the light of facts.Your case would not carry conviction in court of Law.
Apart from this process of testing by results, any intelligent man will want to know the "reason why". What connection can be between a howling dog and an approaching death? Can it be cause and effect? Can it be that the dogs has a gift of forseeing such events? Or is the dog the instrument employed by some uncanny power that moves invisibly in our midst?

Total Word Count ----264 words

"Intelligence requires pieces of evidence"

There are uncountable myths looms in the country. Ignorants undeniably believe in them but if such myths are being told to a well-educated person, that person will ask for the facts, figures, pieces of evidence and research about the myth. It is the intelligence that makes a difference in the people. The scientific logic must be mentioned along with such myths otherwise they have no weight.
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