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Originally Posted by MuneezaRafiq View Post
Following are the MCQs I remember from FPSC English lecturer test conducted Jan 7, 2020:
1. Repugnant: unpleasant
2. Scrupulous: honest
3. Tractable: Malleable (Ans: none of the above)
4. Alacrity: (forgotten)
5. Ominous: (forgotten)
6. Alibi: reason
7. Livid: calm

8. On His Blindness is a collection of sonnets written by: (Ans: Milton)
9. T.S Eliot failed to combine the following in his plays Murder in the Cathedral and The Cocktail Party? I have no idea. One option had religious symbolism and comedy, another option had sexual innuendo and iambic pentameter, a third had something-something and political critique (this is the one I picked)
10. Which of the following is not a Shakespearean tragedy? Titus Andronicus, Othello, Macbeth (Ans: none of these)
11. For most people language processing is done by? Ans: Left hemisphere
12. Pre-Raphaelite movement is indebted to the: Romantic, Oxford, Neoclassical (Ans: Romantic)
13. Which of these plays is not written by Shakespeare? Ans: The White Devil
14. Romantic Revival is influenced by? Ans: French Revolution
15. Which of the following is not a Lake poet? Wordsworth, Southey, Keats (Ans: Keats)
16. Which of these is poets Sylvia Plath’s husband? Hughes
17. The ___ states that the first few years of life is the crucial time in which an individual can acquire a first language if presented with adequate stimuli. Ans: critical period hypothesis
18. When was the first five year plan started? Ans: 1955
19. Quaid-e-Azam called for the All-Pakistan educational conference in? Ans: Nov 1947
20. What is the subject in the following sentence? While in the northern areas, Aslam and his family went to have a picnic. Ans: Aslam and his family.
21. What is the term when human qualities are given to non-human objects? Ans: Personification
22. Fill the blank: I am so good at mathematics, I am also the topper of the class.
23. What is the following sentence an example of? So-and-so Palace declared its holiday today. Ans: Metonymy
24. What is the following sentence an example of? My father bought me new wheels. Ans: Synecdoche
25. "Run!" Is an example of: Apostrophe
26. The repetition of first consonant of words is called: Alliteration
27. Which was given as a reaction to the Grammar-Translation Method? Ans: Direct Method
28. What is the underlined? (Something-something I've forgotten) in the books ans: Complement
29. The King of Norway’s son – in this phrase the Head is? Ans: Son
30. In a syllable the vowel sound is always the? Nucleus
31. The combination of one or more phonemes is called: Syllable.
32. If we had gotten up early, we ____ reached the tunnel at sunlight. Would have
33. In the Greek times when an athlete would win, he ___ a medal. (received, was receiving, none of the above) Ans: (In my opinion) would receive
34. After the race _ won, the celebration began. Ans: was (options: had been, is,)
35. The rich are no richer than the poor is an example of? Paradox.
36. It is red like a rose is an example of? Simile
37. Faith unfaithful is an example of? Oxymoron.
38. The combination of a stressed and unstressed syllable is called? Meter
39. In the following sentence, the subject would be what? Smoking is injurious to health. Gerund, Infinitive, Verb. (Ans: Gerund)
40. A verb that functions as a noun in a clause is called? Gerund
41. The following sentence is what type: They went to the market for grocery shopping. Delcarative, Exclamatory, Imperative (Ans: declarative)
42. The knowledge of rules governing speech and grammar is called linguistic competence.
43. What is the first school of the child? Mother
44. When a teacher takes a vocabulary, speaking skills, written test at the end, it is called? Summative assessment
45. Renaissance began in which city? Italy
46. The writers of the Renaissance followed the? Romans and Greeks
47. Which of the following is done to get facts when studying a certain incident? Case Study (not 100% sure)
48. The method in which both horizontal and vertical method is used to study growth and development? Growth Method, Genetic Method (Ans: not sure, I picked Growth method)
49. Last year, Aslam went to England for higher studies is a Simple Sentence
50. Which of the following is not a part of the romantic era? A lyrical poem, an autobiographical epic, a comedy of manners, none of the above (Ans: comedy of manners)

Any corrections and additions to the list are welcome
Note: There were a couple of questions on identifying simple, compound and complex sentences which are nearly impossible to reproduce here.
Thanks for this effect
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