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Default Sentence correction in past papers.


4. a) Below are five sentences each containing a common grammatical error. Make the necessary corrections:

i) Where was a very different atmosphere in the town this morning than there was yesterday.
ii) Every one must decide for themselves what to do about it.
iii) I shouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t turn up tomorrow.
iv) Neither Farooq or Akbar are going to the wedding lunch on Saturday.
v) I compared his essay to Mushtaq’s and found them to be almost identical.


b) Correct the spelling of the following ten words:

i) occurance ii) esctacy
iii) drunkeness iv) irrisistible
v) supercede vi) embarrasing
vii) dissapoint viii) occasional
ix) indespensible x) preserverance.



Correct spellings are as below

i) Occurrence ii) ecstasy
iii) Drunkenness IV) irresistible
v) Supersede vi) embarrassing
vii) Disappoint viii) occasional
ix) Indispensable x) perseverance

iv) Neither Farooq or Akbar are going to the wedding lunch on Saturday.

Correct: Neither Farooq nor Akbar is going to the wedding lunch on Saturday


All CSS qualifiers, seniors, friends, and people who have good grip in english grammar are requested to correct the rest of the incorrect sentences. After the mess is cleared up, I will post incorrect sentences in subsequent papers.

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