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a) He said, “Don’t open the door.”
b) He offered to bring me some tea.
c) He aid, “Thank you!”
d) He said, “Can you swim?” and I said, “NO”.
e) He told Aslam to get his coat.
0 “If 1 were you, I would wait,” I said.
g) He ordered the peon to lock the door.
h) He warned me not to leave my car unlocked as there had been lot of stealing from cars.
a).he commanded us to not open the door.
b).he said,"do u want tea?".
c).he showed his gradutude to him.
d).he inquired from me if i could swim and i replied tht i couldnt.
e).he said,"Aslam go get your coat."
f).he said tht he would wait if he was me.
g).he said to the peon,"shut the door".
h).he said,"there have been many stealing from the car,dont leave your car unlocked."

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