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Originally Posted by ayeshamehreen View Post
■ The most populate state in the United States is: ( California, USA)

■ Yosemite National park is located in:

(United States)

■ The first Mosque on the surface of earth is: (Majid-ul-Haram)

■ The newest district of Balochistan isLehri)

■ Silicone Valley is located in the city of.............united states: (San Francisco)

■ Who is the attorney General of Pakistan: (Salman Aslam Butt)

■ The old Name of karakoram Highway was: (Silk Road)

■ Our second largest food crops: (Rice)

■ Khojak pass is situated in: (Pakistan)

■ world highest place: (Lhasa)

■ PDM was formed in: (1967)

■ PDM was launched againstzulfiqar ali bhuto)

■ Current chief of ISI : (Naveed mukhtiar)

■ Quit India movement was started formBombay)

■ Martial law imposed in Balochistan in:

(March 1973)

■ which is the biggest museum of the world : (Museum of Washington)

■ Name of saltiest sea of the world: (Mediterranean sea)

■ UNESCO headquarter is located in:


■ How many division in punjab: ( 9)

■ Jamrod fort is in: ( Peshawar)

■ Capital of Egypt: (Cairo)

■ (December 8 1958) Gawdar has been part of Pakistan.
Most of the questions are wrongly answered. Be aware

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