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Default MCQs English Literature 2020

MCQs English Literature

1. Edward Said claimed that the Orient is a purely ____ invention. Ans: Western
2. Freud said there was a _____ agenda behind every human action. Ans: Hidden
3. "One is not born a woman, but rather becomes one," was said by ___ Simone de Beauvoir
4. Ulysses is a _____ iambic pentameter. Ans: Dramatic monologue
5. "I will fly ...../But on ____ wings of poesy" Ans: viewless
6. Wordsworth in 'Tintern Abbey' said he had come back to River __ Ans: River Wye
7. Postcolonial studies show manifestation of ____ in Otherness. Ans: racial difference
8. What does Paul Morel do after his mother dies? Ans: goes abroad (needs checking)
9. Orwell in his essays attacks ___ writers. Ans: Pro-Soviet? (needs checking)
10. In Chesterton's story the narrator met the stranger where? Ans: in a restaurant
11. Which of Larkin's poem ends with 'begin afresh afresh afresh'? Ans: Trees
12. The poem Second Coming has ____ parts. Ans: 2
13. In Waiting for Godot the setting is a ____ place. Ans: barren
14. King Lear repeats what words when Cordelia dies? Ans: Howl! Howl! (I don't remember if this was in options)
15. The story Lotus Eater takes place on the ___ Island in Italy. Ans: Capri
16. Introduction to Structural Analysis written by: (not sure, I picked Levi Strauss but I think the answer was Roland Barthes, though the title of the work he wrote was longer)

Please correct and provide missing mcqs.
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