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Firstly,let me give you some insights into the dynamics of women equality and women empowerment in our society,then we will talk about my body my rules or whatever.

Our society and Mullahs have always tried to restrict women.we want to keep women as slaves,bound to the whims of men.There is no equality for women neither in our constitution nor in social fabric.I wont touch the religion because, boy oh boy,the religious bigotry is the new norm in our society.we have treated women as secondary citizens and would continue to do so.The theoretical rights and slogans can't change anything.You can't tell a villager in that don't beat your wife like an animal coz article 25(2) and article 34 of our constitution guarantee their rights.You can't tell an illiterate person to not burn her daughter coz of UDHR.The Urban literate women,who are so proud of their fancy dresses and english are not better.they suffer but in different manner.No bachelor would marry a ''divorcee'' women,no matter how enlightened he is.
we are living in the dark ages.we want a developed and strong country but we won't allow women to work.we have deliberately kept our 50% workforce.
Now,my body my rules.This is a JOKE.You know what?Those women who are raising this slogan on social media are not even the fraction of our women population.They have no idea,whats its like to be when beaten and humiliated,you still have to cook for family of fifteen.These are few highly educated women who want nothing but lil bit of limelight.Now the question rises,what is the solution if not women march?
the solution is simple,ENFORCE the rights of women.Don't spoon feed them seats in legislature and civil services,Allow them to rise for their rights.Educate them.
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