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Is Pakistan ready for a digital revolution?
Need input on the following outline. The thesis statement carried a positive stance that yes Pakistan is ready for a digital revolution based on following needs and opportunities, if we cater so & so reservations properly.
1. Introduction
2. Digital revolution and Pakistan- understanding the possibilities
3. Scope- significance of a digital world
4. SWOT analysis- gauging the reality checks
-Strength: Youth potential
-Weakness: Insfrastructure
-Opportunity: Partnership ventures
-Threat: Political instability
5. Stakeholders- need to revolutionalise
6. Challenges- obstacles to cater
-Lack of strategic framework
-Limited circulation of D-services
-Implementation menace
7. Recommendations- A rational approach
-Formulation of national framework policy
-Incorporation of public-private partnership
-Political ownership of project
8. Conclusion
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