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I am not csp officer but I attempted this essay in my 2020 attempt. This topic is very tricky. Almost 45 minutes were spent on brainstorming. As ill luck would have it, I could make good outline. However, my outline is written below:

2. Polarized Politics
a. Ideological polarization
b. Religious polarization
c. Sectarian
d. Ethnic and regional polarization

3. Issues of democracy
A. Uneducated mass
B. Personality dominant political parties
C. Role of non-democratic forces in political setup
D. No democratic norms in political parties
E. Hereditary leaders

4. Challenge to democracy
A. Mass education
B. Undemocratic culture of country and tendency for dictatorship
C. Civil military oligarchy
D. Involvement of non-democratic forces in elections
E. Immaturity of political leaders

5. Conclusion

Although this outline is incomplete but this outline could help you to check your outline and some missing links in your outline.

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