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Originally Posted by amannan View Post
I have been an on and off member of Cssforum. The current lock down has inclined me towards serious preparation. While studying US History, I have realized my answers usually lack details and length.
For practice, I have tried to answer a question from US History 2017. Can someone please comment on the length and content of the answer?

Q: Discuss in detail the impact of British Advent in America.


-Exploration of America
-First British Colony

Impacts of British Advent
-A threat to lifestyle of Natives
.Land Usage etc.
.Tribal Fights
-Colonial Wars



New world was first discovered by Columbus in 1492 after which a wave of other Mariners and Explorers made it to the present day America. John Cabot's voyage allowed the British to make their claims on the land. The colonization was a result of greed, religious persecution in Britain and the pursuit of imperial glory. The first British colony ever made was Jamestown, Virginina in 1607.

Impact of British Advent

Natives had been living there for thousands of years. Their lifestyle was pretty simple and relied on agriculture for food. Elements of nature played a huge role in their spiritual beliefs. Land was common and, therefore, anybody could cultivate anywhere. This was contrary to the lifestyle that British people followed. Not long after the British people set their feet on the soil, Natives started feeling that the British were a threat to their lifestyle. With time, it proved to be true.
Natives in North America weren't familiar with the infectious diseases and therefore their immune systems weren't ready for it. British, similar to their Spanish counterparts, brought contagious diseases which wiped out a score of Native American population.
Contrary to our usual beliefs, British didn't only cause the scourge to the society. They brought a script which natives lacked. And, metal tools which Natives had never seen before. This started a trade relationship between the British and Natives. Natives would trade fur and food for utensils, tools and weapons. It was a sweet tale until greed slipped in between the tribes and Natives started fighting. They fought for the best hunting grounds and lands so they could trade more. Sadly it did include guns now.
Similarly, English started fighting Dutch and French colonies to dominate the trade. Within a stretch of few years, the American continent was in turmoil with mounds of dead people.


Although the American continent improved trade and was made familiar to a script, she lost a lot of its people. Colonies fought; countries won and lost. But what did they actually lose? Pieces of Lands. The real losers were the Native Americans who lost not only the lands but their values, their people and most importantly their way of living.
Impact on America:
New Crops and Animals
Indian Wars
New Diseases
Changes in Eco-system
Impact on British People:
More land
New opportunities
Source of Raw Material
Market for industry
Edge over Spain and France
Impact on Europe:
Safe heaven for victims for religious persecution
New theater of conflicts
Economic Opportunities
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