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Originally Posted by Aik Admi View Post
Aoa Members,

Not being a student of history I am at a complete loss at the art of answering subjective questions. On some questions one can ride as many pages as are available, such as the Social Reform of the Prophet SallAllaahu alaihi vasallam. But some questions have a very short answer like 'fate of Tariq b Ziad and Musa b Nusayr after conquering Spain'. Can someone please guide as to how is one supposed to answer questions? What should be the length of answers? How to extend an otherwise straight forward response?
To answer a question, first, you must have essential knowledge about the topic. Secondly, you must learn to express your thoughts on paper. Do brain storming about the given topic and link the points that come to your mind. If you learn this, you can easily extend a straight forward content. For this, you must develop reading habit and practice writing.

The length of answer must be xyz words in which you have completely delivered the idea and covered all aspects of the question.
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