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Originally Posted by The dream of rain View Post
Q; “The American War of Independence was a revolt against Mercantilism.” Discuss.

lets break it down!
1. Navigation Act 1651
Banned foreign ships from transporting good to target Dutch
Effected merchants, who responded with criticism.
2. Enumeration Act 1660
Limited exports of certain goods only to Britain; to empower British
Monopoly of England created on these goods; profit decreased and smuggling increased.
3. Staple Act 1663
All foreign ships must first dock at Britain. To add additional cost to foreign products and increase time.
To demotivate colonist from trading with other Nations.
4. Duty Act 1673
Colonist used to trade with Dutch's New Netherlands ( inter-colonial trade) to evade previous Acts.
Duty Act closed that loophole and bonds were required for ships.
Increasing influence of Britain was felt
5. Enforcement Act 1696
To enforce all previous acts strictly. Increased power of custom officers. All officers of trust should be English born.
Strict enforcement made them feel the effect of earlier Acts. Showed lack of trust on colonial officers.
6. Molasses Act 1733
To help English-West Indies sugar planters compete French.
Effected Rum industry of Colonist. Increased smuggling and bribery.
7. Sugar Act 1764
Most important.
Was after 7 years war
Although tax on molasses was less than previous act. But was greatly protested by Colonist. Repealing of Sugar Act emboldened colonist against British.
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