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Originally Posted by The dream of rain View Post
Dear moderators,

I have been noticing violation of CSS-FORUM rules and regulations where a few new accounts, recently created on nearly same dates, are posting spam messages, irrelevant and carrying out commercial posting (through YouTube links which are usually monetized channels). I think under rules and regulations "spam messages," "irrelevant posts" and "commercial postings" are against the forum.

These posts and accounts are rushing posts and threads just with same links and copy-paste material which is usually irrelevant and aimed at promoting YouTube (monetized) channels to the threads started in the site. Besides, causing inconvenience to our current threads and posts.

You would find such 4-6 accounts in all threads, at this moment, i can't finger-point specifically. Will do if moderators so wishes.

For instance, this new account has just made 70 posts just posting YouTube links in all threads of the forum:

Above all, if my request is not aligned (or wrong) with rules and regulations i mentioned do educate me.

P.S. I am not against promoting YouTube channels, but posting same link in nearly 15-20 threads is pretty much awful and distressful for our ongoing threads.
U r right mr.

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