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Originally Posted by Last Island View Post
Please point them out.
Here you go:

1. (Reason: YouTube links in all posts/threads)

2. (Reason: YouTube)

3. (reason:YouTube)

4. (Reason: YouTube. But, few links.)

Because, i think its against the forum spirit to promote channels and to clear aspirants queries through links which are for their profits, which can be done by simply answering their queries in written threads/posts.

Do look into it. I maybe incorrect in defining (or interpreting the forum rules and regulations) my grounds for their violations.

Plus, Posting copy-paste material from internet comes within "irrelevancy" rule? To me, "irrelevancy" is bit ambiguous in its limits, if you can do educate.

Originally Posted by Fahadafridi89 View Post
U r right mr.
Brother, pardon, but net-speaking is against the rules!
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