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I applied back in 2017-2018 for Mechanical Engineer post in PAF. I passed the test but failed the medical due to minor issues.

It was a computer based mcq test. The test was of moderate difficulty. Nothing too highly technical, mostly basic level knowledge of Thermo, Engg Mechanics, Engg Statistics, Engg Drawing and materials was tested. I dont remember well but I think some fsc portion maths physics was also included(not 100% sure). Also included in the test were intelligence based questions, English Grammar and vocabulary. I scored round about 70+ marks and was selected for the next round. The marking and selection criteria was relative. Dont forget to take ALL your educational documents and domicile etc as well.

For medical, ensure that your weight is within your BMI, you dont have knock knees or flat foot (yes they check). Two important things,
1. ensure your ear canal isnt clogged or dirty. Otherwise you'll be sent to the Army hospital for ENT checkup and cleaning. It will delay your selection subject to medical approval
2. wear clean pair of underwear, loose fitting clothes and deodrant. A candidate wasnt wearing any under his pants and he was berated and told to come back 2 or 3 days later.

Best of luck
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