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What are you talking about? The relevant material for both Interpol Internationally and Money laundering in Pakistan are present in the notes.

For Interpol, history, functions, Notices type and criticism are given. Same goes for money laundering in Pak.

1. 2017 paper. Write a note on Money Laundering in Pakistan.
2. 2018 paper. Extent to which Interpol has been successful in tackling organized crime on international level.

1st question's answer is in the notes. All headings relating to Money laundering will be relevant for the question. Length of the answer would be according to 10 marks only.

2nd question would use the same material in the notes BUT YOU would have to present YOUR POV on how successful it is. One could just focus his/her answer around the CRITICISM heading of the notes to present a negative review. Or you could mold your answer around the MAJOR FUNCTIONS heading and present a positive role of the Interpol

What more could an aspirant ask for? Or is it the case of Ghar ki murghi daal baraber???
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