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Originally Posted by bilawalsanghroo View Post
Have you studied the book "To The Political Science by JWT"? If yes, then elaborate.
Yes i have
Compared to other css-guide books by other publishers, i found it quite lacking, and had very less details

For instance the book "Politcial Science (paper 1 and 2) by aamer shahzad" by hsm publishers is better in content, quality and quantity of the material

On the other hand, there are other publishers, such as advanced, whose books are way too lengthy and detail oriented. But someone who has plenty of time may give it a read. Actually the problem is that many, in fact, most of these local publishers' css guides copy stuff from internet. Hence when books of different publishers are placed side by side, they may contain portions/materials in them that are common.

I also consulted caravan publishers book on political science, it was also not as good as h.s.m, but okay-ish

Overall i think H.s.m publishers (authored by aamer shahzad) had the most well covered book on political science

because many syllabus topics in "to the point politcal science by JWT" are covered in less detail than h.s.m political science book

You can confirm my observations if you go through both the books one-by-one

Finally, also keep in mind that paper preparations is a subjective experience. Different people might share with you their totally different experiences.....

P.s. My preparation for part-A of paper 1 is never as good as my grip for the rest of the syllabus. So for this part of the syllabus i reserve my opinion. My opinion is based on my preparations for part-B of paper 1 and whole of paper 2
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