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Originally Posted by longinus View Post
If this is your thinking, then u never deserve for any post. You dont know what was your syllabus, it was history of cooperative societies and cooperatives Today"but what ppsc included in the paper was almost 80% laws.. Well, ye batein sapki smj c bhr hn.. Dnt mind..

Phool ki patti say kat sakta ha heray ka jigar
Mard e naalan p kalaam, naram o nazuk b asar

Dear I have come through these paths. I can understand your frustration. Don't worry, one day you will get a very good job I.A. I shall pray for you. I implore you, sir! Instead of going to court to sue, focus on your abilities. The day you learn to write one complete paragraphs in flawless English, your allocation will be assured.
Best wishes for you 🤲🤲
جب خشت بنے تب کام چلے
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