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Default Public Administration or Mercantile Law or International Law

Dear All,

I am an ACCA qualified CSS aspirant for CE-2021. My optional subjects are:

1. US History.
2. Environmental Sciences
3. Pashto
4. Accounting and Auditing

However, I am facing confusion with regards to opting between public administration, Mercantile Law and International Law. I have been told that cracking Public Administration is very tough owing to an extensive syllabus and non-availability of a single comprehensive book for the curriculum other than Dr. Sultan Khan's book.

In my last attempt, i had prepared International Law and passed it but i am told the passing trend of International Law has also slumped.

During my ACCA studies i had studied Mercantile Law to some extent and had scored well in the exam.

In light of these facts, all members are requested to help me in making the correct selection as well as suggesting preparation material please.

Thanking you in anticipation.
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