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Auditing and reporting in management of companies became really difficult to conduct and carry out smoothly, a big driver of which was the uncertainty of what might happen, how things might unravel, and not knowing how things might unfold in the near as well as distant future.

Auditing is not a one time task that happens overnight or with one meeting carried, it is a longer process that takes several weeks sometimes months to get through because it involves multiple activities such as assessing activities, observing company functions, interviewing company employees and making sure to be extra smart about connecting the dots especially when internal audit is concerned, whether that's internal audit of restaurant, internal audit of stores, or of a manufacturing company.

Outsourcing in auditing in this capacity is not difficult but the procedure of going through with the audit is the difficult part. CPA internal audit, internal controls assurance or enterprise risk management internal audit, all are similar to deal with in this situation because social distance makes it difficult for one to carry out the task.

Quantum Auditing however, rises above the risks to assure your company the objective audit it needs while following strict policy measures to ensure safety and containment of the novel coronavirus. Our core ideology is our Moral Code of Conduct, Ethics, Integrity and Transparency. And we are committed to contributing to the society, while we work towards attaining Growth, Customer Satisfaction and Employee Excellence.
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