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Originally Posted by princemari View Post
[ ] Introduction:
Evolution of mankind
Emergence of human rights and duties
Right to speak freely is an inherent right which is to protected at all costs;however, the right is not absolute
[ ] Why the right to speak is to be defended to death:
Difference of opinion is bound to happen:
1. Cognitive abilities of mankind
2. Globalisation of world affairs
3. Different religions and beliefs
4. Different cultures and nationalities
Recognition under the constitution of Pakistan
Peaceful coexistence
Pluralistic society
Pretext to equality
Difference between humans and animals
Innovative solutions
Diversity is the beauty of mankind
Independent media ensures accountability
Repercussions if the right is not provided
1. Frustration among masses
2. Authoritarian regimes
3. Terrorism
[ ] Is the right ti speak freely absolute? No
Hate speech
Fake news
Blasphemous content
[ ] The right is to be defended at all the cost as it ensures what humans are
[ ] Conclusion

To the point; accurate; hitting the punchline. Your essay is pass, in my opinion.
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