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Regarding result, after going through Social media and CSPs comments, 02 possibilities become evident:
-FPSC don't care that the ones who, God forbid, don't pass CE2020 need to see first result of CE2020 to apply for CE 21. In this case result will be between 05 and 15 November, as predicted by CSPs OR
-The result will be out before closing date of CE21 i.e. 03 Nov. Remember that after result it takes 3-4 days for Marks sheet to be visible. Considering this scenario from tomorrow onwards, everyday except Sat, Sun & Mon carries chances of being the result day
My personal opinion regarding above options, I think FPSC will go for Option-II i.e. its logical to let people know there result before applying to CE21 (I know there is an option in online application of result awaiting). You can also say I choose this option because I want this to be true
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