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Hi there,
These are valuable tips indeed. Essay writing is a crucial subject and one of my favorites.
I compulsorily touch the essay writing thread to study and add my learning to it. The two most important tools for essay writing are detailed knowledge and perfect grammar. If one is good at English but has no knowledge of more than two pages, even good English will be of no purpose.
Similarly, if one has comprehensive knowledge on the chosen topic but with faulty English, it will not lead to any benefit.
I always advise my students to improve their English as it is a fundamental requirement in all walks of life.

Good English is compulsory for the CSS exam. As far as the essay writing is concerned, we need to make an outline that includes all the necessary points starting from the introduction to a logical conclusion. There must be coherence, organic unity, and a good sequence in all the paragraphs in between the introduction and conclusion.
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