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Default Another question from CSS Pakistan Affairs 2020

Someone senior, please evaluate my topics so that I can improve my writing skills

China, Pakistan-Russia cooperation will find suitable support mechanism in Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Elaborate

What is Shanghai Cooperation Organization?
Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) is a Eurasian political, economic and military organization and world's largest organization in terms of land mass covering 80 percent Eurasia and in population covering third-fifth population of the world. This organization was formed in 1996 by signing Treaty on Deepening Military Trust on Borders by the leaders of China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan as Shanghai Five. It was renamed as Shanghai Cooperation after inclusion of Uzbekistan in 2001. SCO has 8 members including Pakistan and India in 2015. IT has Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (RATS) as its permanent organ having headquarters in Uzbekistan targeting three evils terrorism, extremism and separatism.
SCO is so far maintaining regional peace and security, and increasing cooperation among member states. It is also succeeded in maintaining diplomatic relations with other organization such as United Nations, Commonwealth of Independent States and European Union. The organization has also attracted others countries that are showing interest to join SCO as full members. These states include Afghanistan, Iran, Mongolia, United States, Belarus, Turkey and so on. The driving force for the development of this organization is that the founding members of SCO have failed to implement liberal democracy in their states.

How China, Pakistan-Russia will find suitable support mechanism in SCO?

SCO will serve for Pakistan as negotiating platform to resolve regional conflicts with India
Twin independent states Union of India and Dominion of Pakistan have celebrated 73 years of independence but both enjoy chilling childish behavior for addressing their issues in which they have fought three wars so far. Under the umbrella of SCO, they can learn from other members states such as China and Russia who share more than 3000 kilo meters long border and have succeeded to curtail down their border skirmishes through peace and cooperation. Pakistan and India blame each other for spreading cross-border terrorism. Members of SCO are excited and hope that both countries will pay due attention to primary motive of SCO which is to deepen military trust on borders and reduction of military on borders.

SCO can play a vital role for resolving Pakistan and India's Kashmir issue so called an unfinished agenda
Kashmir has become hotspot for contention between India and Pakistan. There is dire need of such platform which can bring both countries onto a negotiating table, so that both countries can come to an agreement and resolve Kashmir issue throughout bilateral talks.

SCO can boost trade in the region
Member countries of SCO are world leading economies. Every country is striving for better economy specially through trade. SCO can be used as a major component to boost trade among member states as well as other countries by peace and cooperation.

Border escalations between China and India
SCO can work as a mediate between India and China to resolve their escalations over border.

China seeking cooperation over South China Sea Dispute
China is having conflicts over South China Sea with ASEAN countries backed by USA. SCO can play an immense role for backing China and have win-win situation over sea territories and islands.

China Encroachment Policy
China is emerging as world's largest economic power. The west is trying to counter China's economic influence by different strategies. Alliance is created alongside the China to reduce its growth. Hence, SCO is very essential key player for China to maintain and stand up with same position and keep same pace of economic growth.

China-US trade war
Since Trump administration, US is trying to curtail China's economic power by introducing heaving tariffs on Chinese import in the country. So far, US has imposed 25 percent tariffs on more than 375 billion dollars worth Chinese imports, while China has retaliated by imposing tariffs on 110 billion dollars US goods. During this trade war era, companies are looking for other alternatives than the US and China. SCO can play a major role for China to maintain its economy by replacing US as trade partner with member states of SCO.

Russia looking for new trade partners
US is reducing China's rise by China encroachment policy. Therefore, US is trying to attract neighbor states of China by providing some affectionate deals, India is one of them. Hence, it feels betrayal to Russia because Russia was one of major exporter to India. SCO can help Russia to increase trade with its member states and find new trading partners in South Asia.

SCO a lifeline to Russia and Pakistan relations
Soviet Union invasion in Afghanistan during 1979-89 has played major role in drawing shape of Russia and Pakistan relations. Both have remained in silent confrontation. While both have learnt from their past mistakes. Both countries are excited to warm welcome their relations. Under the shadow of SCO, both parties can engage themselves in major energy projects. Currently, both countries are working on North-South LNG project from Lahore-Karachi worth of 2.5 billion dollars and other project CASA-1000 in which Russia is investing 500 million dollars in Pakistan for electricity supply from Uzbekistan to Pakistan.

Pakistan as a gateway to Middle East for SCO countries
While Pakistan has remained a security state but its geographic location also has played immense role for shaping its foreign policy. Specially its Gwadar deep sea port which lies in the mouth of gulf states. Eurasian countries are forthcoming and world's emerging economies. Pakistan can gain benefit by providing them gateway to Middle East countries. It will increase economy for both Pakistan and SCO member states using Gwadar Port.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor a flagship project
The most discussed and debated topic and multi-billion, and multi-purpose project having initial worth of 46 billion dollars is being initiated by collaboration of Pakistan and China. It is part of China's Belt and Road Initiative. CPEC is a very crucial project which can become a driving force for major Middle East, South Asian and Eurasian countries to reply their foreign policies on. CPEC itself can be considered as a economy generator. It can also strengthen the ties between member states of SCO. CPEC has capability to eliminate external aggression. Whole world is silently and closely monitoring its progress. Hence, it can be rightly said that SCO member states such as Pakistan, China and Russia can find suitable support mechanism through this flagship project named as China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.
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