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@ F.S , Razdar, Asifr, lala, red hawkand all other qualifiers...

it has been found that C.A, pakistan affairs, essay and composition are very low scoring subjects... any one who is above 55 marks; blessed ones with 60 is supposed to be highest scorer in these subjects. 60 marks in these subjects must be considered 85 marks in eds!
I m taking this issue on the behalf of this whole forum members who want to give it their best shot. Please let us know in explanatory details how did u manage to get these huge numbers. share us your tips.
This forum is no less than an organized academy to us; where our guides are qualifiers....we are in the best company indeed, and surely in safe hands.
p.s : for the ease of addition to your proposed ways. tell us length of answer given, markers highlighters for ornating, style of writing which predominated mind of a qualifer;whether analytical, factual, examples mentioned in abundance, use of flow charts or maps, use of poems, anecdotes in essay? length of answers in composition, precis attempting pattern....
i sense that ths sounds a bit exhaustive, but your help shall not go in us!

Help us!!
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