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Thank you for your kind remarks. I’ll share with you how I prepared each subject:

Pakistan Affairs:

•Books consulted: Ikram Rabbani’s Pakistan Affairs and Jehangir Book Depot’s Exam Cram Top 20 Questions for Pakistan Affairs.
•I prepared every topic keeping in mind that I will not exceed 6-7 pages for a single answer. Supposedly Aligarh movement comprised of 7 pages in the book, I highlighted from those 7 pages a total of 2 pages worth of text book material and focused on memorizing it well
•All my answers had an introductory paragraph that did not exceed 5-7 lines but was very rich in content in explaining the concept that was later discussed.
•All questions had sub headings
•With in subheadings, where possible I bulleted each separate point
•At the end there was 7-8 line conclusion, summarizing the impact, advantages or disadvantages of whatever event discussed
•There was no repetition of any point
•My handwriting is normal (neither big nor small), I did not exceed 7 pages for an answer

Every day Science:

•I did my B.Sc with zoology, chemistry and applied psychology, so I had the necessary background
•I prepared from Bhatti’s Everyday Science, but I realized that the detail given in the book was way too much. So I focused on remembering key facts and figures


•Books consulted: Certificate Physical and Human Geography (3rd Edition) by Goh Cheng Leong published by Oxford University Press and Jehangir Book Depot’s Exam Cram Top 20 Questions for Geography
•This oxford university press book is really good and not available commonly, you should check with the oxford outlet or at old book shops. You will notice that exam cram author has copied his certain answers of physical geography word to word from Certificate Physical and Human Geography. However the exam cram book really helped me prepare human and population geography
•I made some notes as well from the internet, I’ll post them in the geography sub forum
•In physical geography all my long questions were supported with properly labeled diagrams.

In all of my papers, I did not ask for extra sheet, this was something that bothered me a lot. I felt especially depressed in my Islamiat paper, people were asking for extra sheets left right and centre. And I didn’t have any of my long answers going beyond 4 pages. My Urdu vocabulary is good, so I made sure my sentences were properly phrased, but 4 pages was the maximum I could do for a long answer as I made sure I finished each answer in 30 minutes.
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